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Plants Care


Plants Care

  • Fast Rooting Hormone...

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    • Net weight: 7 g €1.65

    Fast Rooting Hormone Powder, Cuttings Rooting, Improves Seeds Germination

    Price is for package of 7 grams.

    Main component: 90% naphthalene acetic acid powder. Suitable for cuttings, seedlings, seed soaking, and big tree transplanting.

  • Drip Irrigation...

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    • Length:: 5 m €12.00 Sold out
    • Length:: 10 m €14.50 Sold out
    • Length:: 15 m €17.00 Sold out
    • Length:: 20 m €19.50 Sold out
    • Length:: 25 m €22.00

    Drip Irrigation System, Automatic Watering with Adjustable Drippers

    Price is per 1 Drip Irrigation System (Choose hose length and accessories)

    1. Complete drip system: You don't need to water your plants separately.
    2. Full watering customization: The water flow of each dripper head can be individually adjusted

  • 2L drip irrigation...


    2L drip irrigation kit, 4-way Diversion

    100% brand new and high quality. Working pressure:1.5-4.0kg. Consumption: 2L/h Features: 1. With the turbulent flow path, in the case of pressure changes in the flow can be kept stable within a certain range. 2. Easy installation, anti-clogging, long service life.

  • Watering Timer Solar...


    Watering Timer Solar Power Automatic Irrigation Watering Timer Programmable LCD Display Hose Timers Irrigation System

    Do you need to go on vacation and have no one to leave your plants to water them? This high quality automatic timer system is the solution to your problem. The automatic irrigation works without

  • Become our seed supplier Seeds Gallery - 1
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    Become our seed supplier


    Become our seed supplier

    What does it take to become our seed supplier?

    In order to become our supplier, you need to have a video and pictures of the fruits of the plants you offer us, with your personal details and a date on paper that will be clearly visible (with your name and