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Price €1.65
Fast Rooting Hormone Powder, Cuttings Rooting, Improves Seeds Germination Price is for package of 7 grams. Main component: 90%...
Price €19.50
Drip Irrigation System, Automatic Watering with Adjustable Drippers Price is per 1 Drip Irrigation System (Choose hose length and...
Price €22.00
2L drip irrigation kit, 4-way Diversion 100% brand new and high quality. Working pressure:1.5-4.0kg. Consumption: 2L/h Features: 1....
SKU: 2L d i k 4-way
Price €39.95
Watering Timer Solar Power Automatic Irrigation Watering Timer Programmable LCD Display Hose Timers Irrigation System Do you need to...