Advance FAQs

I have a question about my order how should I contact you?

For any question about your order or account always log in to your account and use the contact form.

If you don't do this we will probably not get your message.

Do not try to send us a message over our Email address, we will not get it!

Every contact exclusively over the contact form.

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I still didn't get my order

Please first read delivery and payment info here: Delivery - Payment 

Also, read important notices here: Important Notices

If you don't find the answer, then contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. But all of the answers are answered in delivery and payment information, all you have to do is to read all information.

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We do need an invoice with the name of our company. Would that be ok?

We do not send the invoice with seeds, but you can download it any time you want from your order history in PDF format. If you order as a company, you can download the invoice with the name of your company.

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Tracking shows that the shipment is still in the place it was sent from.

If you see that tracking shows that the shipment is still in the place from where it was sent, it means only that the shipment is in transit and other post offices and countries (even yours in the destination country) where the is shipment currently located do not provide tracking data.

We advise you in this case ALWAYS CONTACT your post with a tracking number and ask them about your package.

We are not a post, so we cannot give you an answer where your parcel is located, even the post office cannot tell you this, so long the shipment is in transit.

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I still didn't get an answer to my message, why?

This is because we have already given an answer and you did not read. All you have to do is to read the information we have provided:

1. Delivery - Payment
2. Important notices
3. FAQ

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I want to pay with PayPal, but this option is not available?

You must change the currency in Euro, on the upper right corner on the site, then will be the Paypal payment option available again. For PayPal payment, we accept only Euro as currency.

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Which payment options are available?

We have several payment options:
1. Card Payment
2. Bank transfer

3. PayPal

Bank transfer (EU bank with SEPA / IBAN-SWIFT-BIC and this account can be used for our customers from all over the world.

Local bank payment in buyer's country and currency available in:

Bosnia and Herzegowina,
Czech Republic,

If you want to pay with a Bank transfer and your country with your currency is not on this list, please contact us and we will see if this option is available for your country.

You must select the appropriate currency for your bank, for example, you cannot choose the euro if you want to pay with a local bank payment in your country and the local currency.

You must choose:

for Argentina: ARS,
for Australia: AUD,
for Hungary: HUF ft,
for Bosnia and Herzegovina: BAM KM,
for Bulgaria: BGN,
for Chile: CLP,
for Croatia: HRK kn,
for Czech Republic: CZK kc,
for Denmark: DKK kr,
for Israel: ILS,
for Mexico: MXN,
for Norway: NOK kr,
for Poland: PLN zl,
for Romania: RON lei,
for Serbia: RSD,
for Russia: RUB,
for Switzerland: CHF,
for Thailand: THB,
for Turkey: TRY,
for UK: GBP,
for Ukraine: UAH,
for USA: USD

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What is it EPS payment from Austria

With EPS, customers in Austria can pay directly from their bank account using online payments. Customers will be redirected to their bank's payment page to log in and approve payments, and then return to the Seeds Gallery website, where they will be immediately notified whether the payment was successful or unsuccessful.

The eps transfer (Electronic Payment Standard) is an online payment method developed by many Austrian banks and the Study Society for Cooperation in Payment Transactions (STUZZA) for purchases on the Internet and for paying fees and charges to authorities and public institutions in Austria.

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I lost the information of your Bank data, how can I find it again?

1 bank payment 2 bank payment 3 bank payment

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Can I grow Yubari king melon in my Country

Yes of course you can do. When it comes to vegetables, everything can be grown in any country on the planet. It doesn't matter if it's Melon, Tomato, Cucumber ...

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How can I see the origin of seeds or variety?

All information you can find in the product description under option "PRODUCT DETAILS". You can also see this data if you put the mouse on small pictures (see photo)

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Number of seeds in the package and grams?

Note that wherever the number of seeds is indicated in grams, there may be more or fewer seeds in the package because the seeds are not the same size and weight.

If indicated in grams, the number of seeds loses relevance and is only there to show the approximate number of seeds in the package.

For example "Price for pack of 50 (1g) seeds." so you are not buying the number of seeds but the weight.

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