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Medicinal Herb Seeds


Medicinal Herb Seeds

  • Giant Onion Seeds...

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    • Seeds in pack: 8 €2.00
    • Seeds in pack: 15 €3.00

    Robinsons Mammoth Giant Onion Seeds

    Price for Package of 8 or 15 seeds.

    We are delighted to offer this seed packed by Robinsons. These seeds are of the highest quality and are ideal for shows and exhibitions. This onion has high standards of vigour and uniformity and can be grown

  • The Kelsae Giant Onion...

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    • Seeds in pack: 8 €2.00
    • Seeds in pack: 15 €3.00

    The Kelsae Giant Onion Seeds

    Price for Package of 8 or 15 seeds.

    110 days. Allium cepa. The plant produces giant 4kg sweet white onion. The Kelsae Sweet Giant Onion holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Onion in the World at nearly 15 lb 5.5 oz and 33

  • Rhubarb Seeds...

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    • Seeds in pack: 7 €1.85

    Rhubarb Seeds “Victoria” (Rheum rhabarbarum)

    Price for Package of 7 seeds.

    Hardy, Adaptable, Easy to Grow, Fast Growth, Edible Stalks, Long-Lived, Cold and Wind Tolerant. Classified as a vegetable, Rhubarb makes the sweetest pies! Rhubarb is a perennial plant with edible

  • Celeriac Seeds Giant...

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    • Seeds in pack: 2000+ / Net weight: 1 g €2.25

    Celeriac Seeds Giant Prague - Spice and Medicine

    Price for Package of 2000 seeds (1g).

    Well shaped smooth celeriac, vigorous roots, upright foliage. Round, relatively smooth skin with good inner quality. Suited to fresh market and storage. Sowing Instructions Site & Soil  

  • Carrot Seeds "Parisian...

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    • Net weight: 3 g €1.95

    Carrot Seeds "Parisian - Paris Market"

    Price for Package of 2000 seeds (3g).

    A popular Heirloom French market variety producing good harvests of small round golf-ball sized, well flavoured carrots (2.5-4 cm in diameter) that matures extra early. 

  • Dutch Yellow Onion Seeds

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    • Seeds in pack: 250 / Net weight: 1 g €1.20

    Dutch Yellow Onion Seeds

    Price for Package of 250 (1 g) seeds.

    High flavored onion for cooking. Hardy bulbs easy to grow. Plant 6" apart, 2" below surface Harvest when tops die off. The crop can be stored in a cool dry place, or diced and frozen. Perennial zones 3-9.
  • Berlin Parsley Root...

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    • Seeds in pack: 1000 / Net weight: 1.4 g €2.25

    Berlin Parsley Root Seeds (dual use)

    Price for Package of 1000+ seeds.

    Dual-use variety. Delicious parsnip like roots. Full-flavored parsley leaves. Easy from seed. This species of parsley is widely grown in Europe and the Mediterranean but seldom seen in British gardens.

  • Arabica Coffee Plant...

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    • Seeds in pack: 10 €4.05
    • Seeds in pack: 5 €2.55

    Seeds Arabica Coffee Plant (Coffea Catura Arabica)

    Price for Package of 5 or 10 Seeds.

    The world's most important beverage plant, with its handsome shiny foliage and fragrant white flowers, make fine indoor plants. In its natural habitat, these become small trees up to 20 feet high but rarely exceed 6 feet inside. It is an easy to care for plant and adapts well to full sun to part shade. To
  • Comfrey Seeds -...

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    • Seeds in pack: 5 €2.45

    Comfrey Seeds - Symphytum officinale

    Price for Package of 5 seeds.

    One of the most useful plants on the allotment with the widest range of uses in a permaculture system of any plant.  Comfrey is a herbaceous perennial herb with large, hairy leaves and grows in a rosette to 1

  • Parsley Seeds Italian...

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    • Net weight: 4,5 g €1.95

    Parsley Seeds Italian Giant Flat Multiannual

    Price for Package of  1300 seeds.

    Especially popular with chefs, this Italian favorite produces an abundance of bright dark flat green leaves of excellent strong flavor held well above the ground on 12-inch plants.  Can be grown on the windowsill

  • Basil Seeds - Sweet Basil

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    • Seeds in pack: 300 / Net weight: 0.5 g €1.95

    Basil Seeds - Sweet Basil - Ocimum Basilicum Culinary Herb

    Price for Package of  Approx 300 Seeds (0,5g).

    A classic large-leaved Italian sweet basil prized for its spicy flavour and wonderful aroma.  Fragrant plants grow 18-24". This is the variety of choice for pesto.  Make successive sowings for continuous summer supplies. Annual.
  • Greek Oregano Seeds...

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    • Seeds in pack: 1200 / Net weight: 0,2 g €2.50

    Greek Oregano Seeds (Origanum vulgare)

    Price for Package of 1200 (0,2g) seeds.

    Culinary oregano is a signature flavor of many Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes. Most cooks are familiar with it in its dried form, but oregano is a hardy perennial plant that is easy to grow