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Carrot Nantes 500 seeds


Carrot Nantes 500 seeds

Price for Package of 500 seeds.

Developed in the area of the town of Nantes, France, this classic carrot is famous for its flavor and a big crunch. The bright orange flesh is fine-grained with almost no core. 

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Carrot Nantes 500 seeds

Price for Package of 500 seeds.

Developed in the area of the town of Nantes, France, this classic carrot is famous for flavor and a big crunch. Bright orange flesh is fine grained with almost no core. Roots average 6-7” long with blunt ends and small to medium tops. Shorter roots make the Scarlet Nantes carrot successful in some soils where longer-rooted varieties have trouble developing fully.

Sowing Instructions
Site & Soil
Get the soil conditions correct and carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in the cooler climates. Incorrect soil conditions lead to mis-shapen carrots - these may well cause a chuckle when dug up, but they are not so well appreciated at cooking time! Carrots prefer a light soil which has been improved with lots of well-rotted organic material fully dug into the soil. Carrots grown on heavy soil, or where organic material is not well-rotted, will become misshapen and grow 'forked. Stones in the soil will have the same bad effect. Prepare the bed two weeks or so before planting, forking in a handful of bonemeal for each square metre (yard). Ensure that the soil is dug to a spade's depth and is of a crumbly texture.
When to Sow
Sow seeds from early spring to autumn
How to Sow

Using a trowel, dig out narrow drills 2cm (3/4inch) deep and 12cm (8inches) apart. Carrot seed is fine - the easiest way to sow is to empty some seed from the packet into the palm of your left hand and and take small pinches of seed with your right hand fingers, dropping a couple of seeds every 2.5cm (1 inch) along the narrow drills. Sow the seed thinly to avoid too much thinning out later. Cover the seeds with fine soil very gently firming it down. Water with a fine spray if the conditions are dry. The seedlings should start to appear 15 to 20 days later.

Common Name Carrot
Botanical Name Daucus
Light Requirements Full Sun
How to Grow Direct Sow
Planting Depth 1/4 inch
Planting Time Cool Season
Seed Spacing 1/2 inch
Row Spacing 12-15 inches
Space After Thinning 1-2 inches
Days to Germination 6-53
Days to Harvest 65
Ways to Grow Small Gardens
In the Kitchen Freezing, Roasting, Salads, Steaming
Estimated Mature Height 8-12 inches tall
Is It Heirloom? Yes
Is It Organic? Yes
Ships As Seed
Ships to Worldwide Yes
VE 110 (1g)
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Variety from: France