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Mock strawberry Seeds


Mock strawberry Seeds, Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea indica)

Price for Package of 10 seeds.

Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea Indica Tuttifrutti) - Start Strawberry seeds for this rare ground cover plant that will get lots of attention! It is an Indian Strawberry plant with lovely yellow blooms, and it

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Mock strawberry Seeds, Indian Strawberry

Price for Package of 10 seeds.

Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea Indica Tuttifrutti) - Start Strawberry seeds for this rare ground cover plant that will get lots of attention! It is an Indian Strawberry plant with lovely yellow blooms, and it produces small red Strawberries all summer long on a creeping evergreen carpet. Indian Strawberry is well-suited for hanging over a wall or as a ground cover plant.
Indian Strawberry ground cover is naturalized throughout the United States, and it is found growing in shady places in woods and grassy slopes. Indian Strawberry prefers a moist, but well-drained soil in a partially sunny position.
Once Indian Strawberry plants are established, the matted root sends out runners to set new plants. Indian Strawberry leaves are light green and finely haired. Indian Strawberry flowers are small, yellow, and are 5 petaled. They first appear in April and will bloom throughout the summer until fall.
The fruit is small, about 1/2 inch round. It is edible, but many say the taste is not noteworthy. Birds, however, love the red fruit. Another common name for this variety is Mock Strawberry ground cover. 

Sow Indian Strawberry seeds from January to April indoors. Use quality seed starter mix, and small pots or starter trays. Sow the Strawberry seeds on the surface and press the seed into the mix. Keep the soil damp but not wet, and protect the Indian Strawberry ground cover seeds from direct light. Seal the starter tray or pots inside a plastic bag until after germination.
When the Strawberry seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into 3 inch pots, and grow them on in cooler conditions until large enough to plant outdoors. After all danger of frost has passed, harden the young Mock Strawberry plant over a period of 7 - 10 days before planting outdoors in its permanent location.


Duchesnea indica (Potentilla indica), known commonly as mock strawberry, Gurbir, Indian strawberry or false strawberry, has foliage and an aggregate accessory fruit similar to true strawberry, though this is apparently an independent evolution of a similar fruit type.
It has yellow flowers, unlike the white or slightly pink flowers of true strawberries. It is native to eastern and southern Asia, but has been introduced to many other areas as an ornamental plant. It has been naturalized in many regions, including the southern United States, and is considered an invasive species in some regions.
It is considered one of the most invasive plants on the island of Réunion. 

The leaves are trifoliate, roughly veined beneath, dark green, and often persisting through the winter, arising from short crowns. The plant spreads along creeping stolons, rooting and producing crowns at each node.

The yellow flowers are produced in mid spring, then sporadically throughout the growing season.

The aggregate accessory fruits are white or red, and entirely covered with red achenes, simple ovaries, each containing a single seed. They are edible, but they have very little flavor. Recent genetic evidence has shown that this genus is better included within Potentilla, but currently most sources still list it in the genus Duchesnea. A poultice of the crushed leaves is used to treat skin ailments such as eczema.

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Handpicked seeds ?
Handpicked seeds
Organic Seeds ?
Organic Seeds
Edible ?
Pretreatment of sowing ?
Stratification needed: Yes
Life Cycle:
Perennial plant : Yes
Resistant to cold and frost ?
Cold resistant: to −40 °C
Manufacturer ?
Manufacturer: Seeds Gallery
Suitable for growing in flower pot ?
Suitable for pot: Yes
Seeds requires light for germination ?
Requires light for germination

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